Decentralized Investment Aggregator

Blockchain Investment Advisory and Asset Management

We know what you want.

By using our wallet analysis and AI algorithms, we provide you customized investment recommendations.

We save you more time.

Get your multi-chain portfolios in one click, and a catbot will balance them automatically till you redeem.

We keep you on track.

Other than whale movement and market sentiment information, smart alpha funds are provided.

Functions in the Catbox

Functions in the Catbox

Fantastic Distribution Of $ORG To Benefit Ecosystem

Clear And Practical Way To The Moon

2022 Q1 Bombay Cat

  • Algorithm Development
  • Portfolio Construct
  • Portfolio Back-testing
  • Database Construct

2022 Q2 America Shorthair

  • Homepage Released
  • Whitepaper Published
  • Community Establishment

2022 Q3 Siamese

  • Portfolio Display
  • Wallet Analysis
  • Recommendation Engine
  • DAO Pass NFT

2022 Q4 Devon Rex

  • Information Aggregation
  • Public Sale
  • $ORG TGE
  • $ORG Standard Investment
  • Alpha Portfolio

2023 Q1 Regdoll

  • Layer 2 Investment Aggregation
  • Ovisor Portfolio Implementation
  • Support Multiple Chains
  • Automatically Regular Investment

2023 Q2 Orange Cat

  • Third Party Portfolio Implementation
  • Borrowing & Lending
  • Leverage & Shorting